A career business leader and educator, I have a passion for improving the lives of those around me.  Many times that takes place in community development projects, sports endeavors, and of course regularly in a classroom of young minds.

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My passion is visualizing improvements in my community and taking steps to make them reality.  After founding and serving on the Development Council for 12 years, I find the opportunity to serve our communities as a Representative to the West Virginia House of Delegates 39th District a great honor and opportunity to make even greater improvements for us all.

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I have in depth experience in education, sports communications, economic & real estate development, as well as health care management.  I am an avid study of geopolitical science.

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Since 1993


  • Proven success in building up communities. 
  • Key player in the building of a new Sissonville Middle School.
  • Conceived and founded the Greater Sissonville Development Council where I have served as President, Vice-President and Secretary.
  • Envisioned and followed through on new sidewalks for Sissonville.
  • Encouraged the inclusion of Elk River and Cross Lanes to the GSDC yielding stronger results for all.
  • Volunteered on Charleston Sports Committee 2006-2011.
  • Served on Thomas Health System Board of Directors 2009-2018 and Chairman of the Board for St. Francis Hospital 2016-2018.
  • I’ve bailed hay in the summer and worked and trained life-guards in college.
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