Dana’s Positions on the Issues

       a.   Pro Life
       b.   Pro 2nd Amendment
       c.   Christian and family values
       d.   Certified full-time teacher
               1.  Support for our teachers and students.
               2.  More vocational instruction at our high schools.
               3.   Member of AFT
       e.   Small business owner
              1.  More help for those who want to start their own business.
       f.    Strong against drugs
               1. Stronger laws against drug dealers
               2.  Support for families
       g.  A plan to keep & attract young people to WV.
              1.  Drives better economics
              2.  Helps keep health care costs down
       h.  Economic Development Innovator
             1.  A plan to attract new business and jobs to Kanawha Co. & WV.
              2. An economic model that drives HIGHER WAGES for WV workers.